Mental Health Services


Our services are based on scientific research. We use this approach to create a comprehensive plan to help each child, individually, as it relates to their mental health and well-being.

Young Child Therapy (2 – 6)

Uses play, relational, and behavioral interventions to promote desired behavior, healthy expression of feelings, calm-down skills, healing from stress, and effective parenting strategies. Parent and child have fun together!

Child/Teen Therapy (6 – 18)

Youth learn new skills for expressing emotions, communicating needs, and solving problems to enhance daily life. Conversations and creative, fun tasks teach about the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions. Typically is child individual meetings as well as some joint parent-child or parent only meetings.

Psychological Diagnostic Testing (2 – 18)

An assessment intake meeting determines specific concerns and child needs, which drives selection of tests to administer. Can examine areas of cognitive (intellectual) abilities, academic achievement, developmental delays, atypical behaviors, and mood (anxiety/depression), as well as the impact of medical diagnoses, life adjustments, or traumatic experiences.